Brighton Pier

It’s another cold, windy and rainy summer’s afternoon, and I am really missing the sunshine! So to cheer myself up a bit I have decided to blog about happier times, about a time when the sun shone and Brighton Pier beckoned. I am so nostalgic for those days (Monday afternoon to be precise!) that I thought I’d share a few photographs of a welcomed escape from London.
On the 20th May 1899, Brighton Pier was officially opened in a lavish ceremony, for which the Pier was illuminated by 3,000 light bulbs.
 So many sweets, so hard to resist!
…strike a pose!
The Pier was previously known as the Palace Pier. Following a name change to Brighton Pier this sign was attached in 2000
The view from the Pier of the Brighton Wheel 
The first pleasure piers were constructed during the early 19th century, and became extremely popular during the Victorian era.
Brighton Pier was Grade II listed on 20 August 1971
The carousel ride on Brighton Pier is known as Brighton Pier’s Gallopers, and contains 45 hand painted horses. Each horse has their own name.
Tragedy and Comedy
 Guarding the Dome
Brighton unveiled their first Dodgem rides in 1932, just four years after the Messrs Lusse Brothers first brought Dodgem rides to Britain.
With two big drops and a loop the loop, Turbo Coaster is Brighton Pier’s popular rollercoaster
 Spinning Around!
 Waiting to be won
Scream if you want to go faster – and I’m not talking about the Terrorvision album 😉

 Bling! There are two large amusement arcades on the Pier – The Palace of Fun and the Dome
 Brighton Pier took 8 years to be built – from 1891 through to its grand opening on 20th May 1899, and cost £27,000 to construct, a staggering amount for that time.
 I loved the Carousel décor in the seafront pub 
Goodbye Brighton Pier. We will be back soon!

All photographs © Samantha Edgley. All rights reserved

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