Victory Parade London 2012

Time for one last hurrah! A big party which everyone was invited to!
On Monday 10th September, 21 floats filled with 800 exceptional sports men and women journeyed through the streets of London. The Victory Parade provided us with an opportunity to celebrate the fantastic achievements of our Olympians & Paralympians. Our Great British athletes have provided us with an amazing, unforgettable summer, and an estimated one million people wanted to show their appreciation by lining the route of the parade. I already miss the Olympics and Paralympics. But all good things must come to an end. Boo hoo! Thanks for the memories
The crowd begin to gather on the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral

Waiting for the athletes

The Mobot

Victoria Pendleton

Tom Daley
No, this is not the gymnasts. It’s the rowers!

The lively atmosphere of the parade

The Brownlee Brothers

Time for post parade drinkypoos…

… Mascots are also invited!
All photographs © Samantha Edgley. All rights reserved

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