Punch & Judy and Piggery Jokery at the Canterbury Festival

There was a colourful start to the Canterbury Festival on 13th October with a Parade which celebrated 350 Years of Mr Punch. The parade was led by huge Punch and Judy characters and featured many other East Kent Giants as well as bands and other performers. In addition to the parade there were also pop up Punch & Judy stands and theatricalities from the Hand to Mouth Theatre Group with their Piggery Jokery show.
Canterbury is one of my favourite cities. I have many fond memories of studying art history at Kent University and it was great to visit Canterbury again. However, as well as catching some interesting performances whilst back in Kent I also caught the flu! 😦 Which is why this blog is a tad late. Still, just sorting the photographs from this exuberant day has made me feel a bit brighter 🙂
The happy family
The Festival Parade marches through Canterbury High Street
Mr Punch poses for the camera

Hand to Mouth Theatre

The Green Man

The Piggery Jokery Show
 Described as “A whimsical perambulation through the seasons, touching on the circular nature of time, as told by the Green Man and his hurdy-gurdy playing Droning Crone and their troupe of rag-bag characters”.
Waiting for Punch to take to the stage
For more information about the 350 years of Punch celebrations: http://www.thebiggrin350.com/Welcome.html
For further details about the Hand to Mouth Theatre Group: http://www.handtomouth.co.uk/
To see my previous blog about the 350 year Mr Punch celebrations at Covent Garden: http://besidetheseeside.blogspot.co.uk/2012/05/happy-350th-birthday-mr-punch.html
Thank you for visiting my blog
Samantha x
Beside the See Side
All photographs © Samantha Edgley. All rights reserved

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