Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Although show time stops during the colder months, Shakespeare’s Globe still remains open to visitors who can explore the museum and enjoy guided tours around the iconic theatre. Shakespeare’s Globe is a reconstruction of the original Globe Theatre. It is located on the Southbank of the River Thames, a few hundred yards from its original site.

I recently visited the Globe for the first time and was struck by the visual impact of the building. I look forward to returning during the summer to observe a play at Shakespeare’s Globe. In the meantime I have posted some photographs from my visit below.

For more information about Shakespeare’s Globe, including details of the guided tours, future productions, and the history of the theatre, please visit:

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Samantha x
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  1. Lovely photos – you are very talented..

  2. Thank you for your kind comment 🙂 Have you been to the Globe? Its def worth a visit x

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