First ever exhibition AND first photographic award :-) The London Photo Festival

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I had such a brilliant time at the London Photo Festival that I am still buzzing.

It was my first ever exhibition and it was so exciting to see my artwork displayed on the walls. The London Photo Festival was full of amazing images. I genuinely didn’t think I would win anything. Just being involved in an exhibition was fantastic enough for me. But then the utterly surreal happened… I won a prize for my photography! My first exhibition and my first award! It doesn’t get much more memorable than that. I couldn’t help but jump for joy, and gasp “Ahhh! I can’t believe it!” I failed terribly at being cool and nonchalant! I was way to giddy and excited for that! I just couldn’t contain my happiness.

So I collected my 1st runner up prize. So shocked, but so happy!

The exhibition is open from 22nd-24th May at the Crypt, St George the Martyr Church.


1506529_789912597693217_2297353711410098768_n  10342892_789117384439405_3239266971896890016_n

10370987_789913901026420_4137734853345373083_n 10372351_789914151026395_6873924292439511410_n 10376328_789913601026450_8457264650055817988_n 10406458_789117654439378_7849891790189857543_n 10329293_789117707772706_777177238067442817_n

The prize giving

The prize giving

Ahhh! I've won a prize!

Ahhh! I’ve won a prize!

image (12)

I feel famous!

I feel famous!

Celebration Time

Celebration Time

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